First Birthday Madness

As the date came closer we paid for balloons, huge things that were inappropriately sized for the house, the Mickey Mouse cake made by my best friend Claire and decorations for the house. The excitement was building even still as I went to do a massive party food shop.

Then the children started filling the house and madness reigned for some 6 hours. There were little people everywhere and strangely I didn’t know where birthday boy was the majority of the afternoon. I was slightly worried about the alarming number of crisps that were being trodden into our carpet (we had only lived in our new house 2weeks) but what was even worse was the worry of setting fire to someone’s child as I carried the cake through.

My finest mother moment came when birthday boy had been moaning for half an hour and I realised that I had completely forgotten to feed him for the entire afternoon – I had been too busy feeding his party guests.

After a crazy afternoon of mischief and mayhem me and my husband sat down, looked at each other and sat in silence for an entire hour! The party had rocked us to the core and no words were necessary! We swore never again but one month later I ring my husband to confirm that because Lenny’s birthday is on a Saturday it would be a brilliant day for a party – gluttons for punishment us parents


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