Where does all the sick come from?

I only work three days a week and have been back 4 weeks. A wise owl (gib) once told me that its Sod’s law that within the first two months of returning from maternity Lenny would get ill and I would have to have a day off.

So I have been at work for an hour on my 5th Monday back when the receptionist shouts me as I am coming back from the toilet to tell me that she had taken a phone call from a lady for me but she didn’t catch the name as a baby was screaming at the same time! You have never seen someone run back to their office so quick!

I had three missed calls from nursery on my phone and was sweating with panic! So off home from work I went to fetch Lenny who had been sick twice at nursery and was presently sobbing his little heart out!

When I got to nursery he was dressed in a pair of purple leggings, one white sock and one red sock bless him! Nursery explained how two staff had had to get changed themselves as well as poor little Lenny being sick on every piece of boys spare clothing nursery had!

4 days later and it’s still coming and up to this morning my house smelt like Blackpool after lots of stag nights gross!


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