Barbie mums and their little brats

Me and my cousin decided to spend the afternoon last Friday letting our boys run wild at Escape! Me and Nu Nu went dressed comfortably ready to have a play with our boys!

Lenny had a magnificent time he went down the slide for the first time -albeit he got stuck half way and Nu Nu had to yank him the rest of the way by his ankle!

Anyway two bigger kids came into the baby bit and we can describe them only as brats! They were not letting our boys play with things and were throwing balls at other parents! They were unsupervised and a few parents wondered where on earth the parents were!

Ten minutes later a woman came to the edge of the baby playroom – she had perfect hair was immaculately made up and had high heels on – it was abundantly clear that she had no intention of playing with her kids but clearly wanted to go somewhere to allow the little brats to let off some steam!

She returned to a table with another mum, dressed up to the nines again, looking obviously disgruntled to be taken away from her coffee and her chat – bloody hell love wake up and spend some bloody time teaching your kids some manners

Rant over x


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