Trucks for boys, dolls for girls

I never dreamt that I would even slightly have a preference as to whether lenny was a boyish boy or a soft little soul…..until he had two trucks and a pack of cars for his birthday!

I was looking on amazon for 1st birthday toys and a My First Talking Dumptruck was on the list. I decided to get it as an extra present! Someone else had got him a My First Talking JCB and his great mama and grandad had brought him a pack of little cars.

As soon as he saw them he was very very impressed and had he crawled around the front room pushing his trucks and cars I found myself thinking that there was nothing nicer than seeing a little boy play with trucks and cars! I was secretly proud that Lenny had chosen these as his favourite toys – my nephew z had long favoured cars and Lenny had never seemed that interested unless it was to mess them up and annoy z!

Anyway I found myself having a conversation with my husband about whether I would be bothered if Lenny played with girly toys – Scott admitted that he would like it and, although I hated to admit it, I really really did enjoy him banging a drum and playing with cars and trucks. I am not sure I would feel the same enthusiasm if he was playing with a doll! Turns out I stereotype my little boy because he was born a boy! Who knew!

I am not going to feel bad about it but I am going to make damn sure that he never gets his hands on a barbie doll!


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