A poem for a special little sausage

You came into our family on the 20th may
None of us will ever forget that day
A day when our family changed forever
And since that day it’s just got better and better

We all couldn’t wait to see your beautiful face
So to the hospital we all did race
The first time I held you I fell in love right away
I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have you in our family to stay

I can’t believe a whole year has passed since then
You only used to sleep and cry – I can remember when
I have been able to watch you grow and grow
And all the new things you can do that you are happy to show

You can say lots of words like bye bye and mum
And when I shout you now you can even come
Our little crawler who would have thought it
After the hours we all spent trying to teach you to do it

Z you are so mischievous .and funny
Never more than an arm stretch away from your dummy
You love your special agent oso and your mickey mouse club
Your the best little dancer and enjoy splashing in the tub

To say I am proud of you is the understatement of the year
Everytime you learn something new auntie sheds a tear
And now your a wonderful cousin to your favourite cousin Lenny
And your adventures together I am sure will be many

You continue to amaze me my little sausage roll – happy first birthday sweetheart

Love you to the moon and back


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