Paint a red cross on the door

I am sure you will all be pleased to know the Lenny is now over the worse of his illness bless him and there is no more sick. However……

I woke up at 11pm last night throwing my guts up! It has continued all the way through today and I am presently on my sick bed whilst blogging – no one can say I am not committed! (Larrie Bradshaw)

Anyway I am inclined to agree with one of my best friends L – I think the best thing I can do would be to paint a red cross on the door so that nobody comes in and nobody goes out! We are obviously toxic and should not be allowed out in public!

Anyway back to my sips of water – thrilling sunday all the way!

Promise a longer post tomorrow when (fingers crossed) I am feeling a hell of a lot better

Still…..I think there are some benefits to not being able to eat all day – should hopefully help shift those last few stubborn pounds I have been hankering after x


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