Committed mummy equals crazy bitch

Hope you are all safe home! may this post warm your hands and make you smile!

I try to strike a nice balance by working three days and having four days off with young Lenny! I am unfortunately not lucky enough to not work and in all honesty my wage comes in handy for the little luxuries (and of course to fund my endless shopping trips to Next).

Anyway I hate not being with Lenny for the amount of time and I race home after work to get back in time to spend at least an hour with him prior to bedtime! Sometimes this means bad road manners, ramming my way out of junctions and going through lights when they are clearly about to change to red, but most times I get my wish and spend those few precious hours with the boy!

Tonight however the bloody snow descended upon us! Traffic was chaos and I was literally stuck miles from home two hours after I had left the office. As time ticked away I could sense that my chances of kissing my baby goodnight were getting extremely slim!

I decided to do what any committed mummy would do, I pulled into the middle of the road and drove swiftly up the snowy hill past the queuing cars, which were beeping their horns at the crazy woman in the little by blue c1 going 40 mph in the middle of the road, pulled my car into the nearest safe place and left it there.

I set out on foot and at one point tried to run as the time was ticking away! I fell onto my bum (gracefully I might add) on a number of occasions but all in all managed to go quite some distance on my own two feet! I threw myself through the door at home, dramatically kicking my shoes off no flew with the front room! My feet were wet through and my toes were practically dropping off (stupid leaky boots) but what greeted me was a big warm cuddle from my baby boy and the chance to kiss him goodnight!

All worthwhile! I will try to remind myself of that tomorrow morning when I go trekking to attempt to find my car!!!!


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