Was Bambi ever this beautiful

I have watched him roll over for the first time. I have watched as he crawled head first towards the pool in Turkey for the first ever time. And then came Bambi.

Lenny had sea legs at first! He seemed to just be falling into you and accidentally taking a new steps along with the fall – which of course we called “his first steps”.

we eagerly anticipated what was to follow!

And then….off he went a whirlwind of partial running and partial stumbling everywhere he went. He wanted to walk outside all by himself, he wanted to walk along walls all by himself but most of all….he wanted to climb!

Along with his new walking skills came a strange desire to want to stand on top of everything in the house! And I mean everything!

It became slightly insane when Lenny began pushing toys up against the safety gate in an effort to scale it and climb the stairs! I can’t even begin to imagine what makes the stairs so interesting so soon after he has just climbed up them!

So do we wish we hadn’t wished for him to walk….it’s borderline! It’s nice to see him tottering around – still gives me chills when he passes me by walking on his own two legs! But with it comes paddies in tesco or asda when he wants to go down and wreck everything at ground height including, for some strange reason, glass! Why do supermarkets insist upon putting glass on the bottom shelf it’s like pure temptation for someone like Lenny – who quite frankly thrives on finding the naughty in every room or situation he enters!

I can tell u though….Bambi never looked as cute as little baby Lenny with big wife eyes throwing himself or falling into your arms!


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