There is a dent in my son’s head

Lenny being Lenny loves to climb. So I take him to a Playgroup on a Friday morning and they have a small plastic slide. Lenny knows precisely what he is doing on a slide and had gone down 50 times that day.

There was then a sickening thud and the entire room inhaled at the same time in shock. Lenny had fallen off the slide and landed with a peppa pig plastic train between his head and the the floor.

His head came up like a massive egg pretty much straight away – I could see it growing. But then part of the swelling sucked back in.

I had the usual set of advice from every single parent in the room. All thinking they knew precisely what I should do but each advice differing from the one before. I decided to shelf the wisdom they had imparted and make my own decision.

Lenny was fine no hint of confusion, no sickness, no dizziness nothing. In fact after an initial 5 minute crying for he seemed normal and sat eating Christmas tea with the other children.

I decided to get him checked out at the local a & e purely as a precaution when he complained of head aches

After a couple of hours of half hourly observations and am examination by competent (or so I believed) medical staff we were told the dent was in the swelling and we were good to go home.

The bruising was bad and looked terrible but nothing out of the ordinary for the sort of bang Lenny had had.

Three weeks down the line I was concerned. No bruising no swelling and dent still there with a hard lump at the side.

Off we popped to the doctors mummy thinking she was being crazy over the top paranoid mummy (not entirely out the question – Lenny is my first).

Doctor confirmed that it was in fact a skull fracture which had been missed. It had healed and eventually over years and years the bone lump and dent would just slowly smooth out. The local a & e should have sent me on to derby for Lenny to he monitored for 24 hours in the head injury unit and also have had an x ray!

To say I am furious is an understatement! This could have been a very very serious mistake! I suppose all is well that ends well but moral of the story is go straight to derby or nottingham paediatricians! I will not be trusting the “experts” at my local A & e every again!

There is now a dent and lump in my perfect boys head!



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