Trouble with little L

Lennon woke up with a wail and a shout
“Come and get me mummy, I want to get out”
Mummy was fast asleep when she heard the sound
She looked at the clock and here is what she found……

“It’s far too Early Lennon, I think you should rest”
Sometimes that little Lennon really was a pest

Lennon was ready he simply could not settle
He wanted to see the world, watch his programmes and play wrestle
He shouted again as loud as he could
“Come get me mummy, I promise I will be good”

Mummy simply could not resist and got out of bed
She found Lennon hiding with blankie on his head

“Surprise” He shouted pleased to see mummy
Now she was here he could fill his little tummy
They come down the stairs on their bums like a train
“All aboard” they shout, “have a safe ride”,”Come again”

When breakfast is finished, washed hands and clean face
Off they go outside, wellies on, in a race

Brodie, the dog, followed behind with a bark
Lennon painted with chalk on the path leaving his mark
He watered the garden and cared for the plants
He dug for the bugs and found spiders and ants

But best of all he was the owner of his very own house
He pretended to have guests, cook dinner, feed cheese to a mouse

The day grew slowly colder and inside they had to go
Off came the wellies and on came the grow
Wrapped up in bed Lennon wondered whether soon they might visit the park
He would remember to ask mummy, but for now “goodnight” after all it was dark.

His dreams would be wild, full of adventures he would take
The farm, the park and the beach, all the memories he would make


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