Work life balance

Everyone talks about a work life balance. But having sat and thought about it this is what it means to me.

I start the morning with Lenny dangling on one hip whilst I attempt to sort breakfast before work.

I am then always found sitting on the toilet, whilst brushing my teeth to try and get ready for work, whilst at the same time pulling silly faces or making up exciting dance moves (using only my arms – it’s a skill I tell you) to entertain Lenny!

I move through to my room to try and get my work dress on and find that the only way to stop Lenny from interfering with what I am doing is to keep picking him up and throwing him on the bed. It’s then a race against time to see how far I can get my tights up my legs whilst Lenny scrambles to get off the bed and run back towards me for another round of superman flying!

I then spend the entire rest of the morning trying to back away from him as he comes at me with his sticky dirty hands and snotty green nose

It really is a miracle when I get out of the house unscathed and without snot on at least one shoulder.

That’s all before I get to work in a morning! Nobody warned me! That’s me balancing work and life lol


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