Nearly 3

When they made you Lennon they really broke the mould
And now here you are, your almost three years old
Believing your a superhero and jumping from up high
With a yell of “I’m gonna deck you” you take off to the sky

My hearts in my mouth as you appear to have no fear
Landing safely, knees bent, you turn and expect a cheer
I oblige of course, everything you do makes me proud
Even when the quietest sentence is always spoken loud

Everyone says you are just “such a boy”
Making a weapon out of your cutest softest toy
Your chatter is endless and honestly I mean it’s non stop
An argument is pointless, you always come out on top

But then there is this soft side, it appears ever so often
You stroke faces and give kisses and visibly soften
Your manners are impeccable and make mummy smile
We gets lots of nice comments more than once in a while

You have cracked the potty like a king upon the throne
You just get on with it solo now and mummy doesn’t have to moan
You do always expect a present, think I might have made a rod
Your favourite shop Home Bargains is where you demand
we plod

You really are incredible just let me make that clear
You might be naughty and full on but I always want you near
Your the goose to my maverick and my best wing man
And there is nobody that can make me smile and laugh like you can

Love you baby x mummy x


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