Mother to a super hero

I always knew Lenny would develop an interest in superheroes – his dad is still obsessed with them aged 30 and the tables at our wedding were the symbols of his favourite heroes!!!!

However, I was not prepared for it to happen this soon nor be this intense.

On any given day Lenny might be superman, batman and spiderman all at different times. Within this time I become whichever “baddy” fits with the hero, or his made up baddy of kiss woman (my kisses blow up upon impact!!!), and am subjected to repeated “deckings” which I have “earnt” because I am a baddy!

We have every single spiderman toy ever manufactured (spiderman is his hero of choice at the moment). These toys cannot go away into his playroom because he “needs” them to be at hand at a moments notice.

He walks around constantly singing the words to Spider-Man’s theme tune – which he makes up because he doesn’t know most of them! Spiderman the cartoon is always on the tele – he asks for it first thing – and will then act out with his figures whatever is happening on the screen.

He believes, with all his being, that if he practises (which involves throwing himself off everything and anything with all his gusto), enough then he will eventually be able to fly or spin a web.

He wants the relevant outfit or t shirt on for whichever superhero he “is” at that moment which involves numerous costume changes per day.

His daddy thinks this interest is fantastic and encourages it! However I can’t help thinking he is only three – Scott is 30 and still hasn’t grown out of it – is it a stage or is it here to stay

So I take this opportunity to remind you that with great power comes great responsibility – kiss woman x


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