The last photo i took

The last photo I took was of Lenny outside of nursery this morning on his sledge looking triumphant.

I stupidly made a promise last night before he went to bed that if the snow was still there come morning time then I would take him to nursery on his sledge.

When I opened the curtains this morning I prayed to a god I don’t believe in for Lenny to have forgotten! First words out of his mouth were – mummy yippee we can go sledging to nursery”

I didn’t want to – I most certainly was too tired to but one look at that beautiful expectant little face and I caved in. So wellies on with my work dress I pulled Lenny, on his sledge, up two massive hills to nursery! He was whooping the whole way and chatting excitedly whilst I sweated and panted up the hills.

He wanted his photo took at the doors so I did!

Thankfully nobody took a picture of what happened after – tired mummy plus empty sledge = mummy fun on the way home!

I kept my promise – super mum star award please!



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