Hard choices

If the house was burning down and you could only save three things what would it be? 

You have to presume all people and animals would be safe otherwise of course I would save Lenny, the dog and my husband (in that order!).

The first thing would be my photo albums. I have taken in excess of 9000 photos since Lenny was born. I have documented every single first he has ever had pretty much! These photos evoke amazing memories. Also I have an album of our life as a couple before Lenny which I love to look back on with fond memories of when life was simple. 

The second thing would be as many dresses as I could possible fit in my arms! That’s a lot of dresses – I know this because you should see me at the next sale – I don’t like to pause to put things in the little plastic carrier so I just line my fingers and arms full of coat hangers until I can’t manage the weight. I have spent years finding dresses that fit me perfect and that I love. As i don’t go out much anymore some of these dresses have never had their first outing and I would be Guttered to see them burn.

The third thing would be my scrapbook of pretty much every single drawing Lenny has ever done or brought home from nursery. My husband calls it hoarding but I know I could never again recreate that beautiful first baby scrawl, the first time he ever used a felt tip, the first go he ever had at painting and, most recently, the first time he ever wrote his name in a card just for me. 

So tell me – what would you save – only three! 


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