An interview with Lenny – aged 3 years and 3 months

Attendees: Mummy and Lenny

Place: Conservatory at Home

Date: Wednesday 22nd April 2015

1) What is something mummy always says to you? I love you (no overbearing mother jokes please!)

2) What makes you happy? Brodie dog (our 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is present at the interview for parts) and chocolate 

3) What makes you sad? The big coin jar in the corner. Why does that make you sad? Because its in the way 

4) What makes you laugh? Mummy and daddy and me 

5) How old are you? I am 3 mummy, you already know that 

6) How old is mummy? 4 and daddy is 11

7) What is your favourite thing to do? I like to read books. I love the one with Aliens and Underpants 

8) Who is your best friend? Brodie dog (Brodie is back in the room and this may be the reason he was chosen). 

9) What do you want to be when you are bigger? Strong with big muscles and a fireman. I definitely want to drive the fire engine. I will need to go to college and university 

10) What are you good at? Somersaults, jumping in the air and stroking Brodie Dog’s hand (Brodie is again in the room which may have influenced this answer)

11) What are you not very good at? Doing jigsaws 

12) What did you do today? I did somersaults and Brodie Dog watched me. I planted a tree for mummy and it will grow bigger and bigger to the clouds. 

13) What are your favourite foods? Crumpets and burgers (this is a lie as he has never eaten burgers!)

14) Who is your favourite superhero and why? Superman because he sits on a ladybird and then he sits on a ballon and he falls off but he flys. 

15) What is your favourite animal? Giraffe – big necks they have got. 

16) What does Daddy do for work? He gets his helmet on and he builds a tower. He works for pennies for toys. 

17) What is your favourite place to go? Mamas 

18) What is mummy’s favourite thing to do? Sort your crazy hair out. Daddy likes to walk brodie dog. 

19) What is your favourite film? Spiderman because I like him and Big Hero 6 – yes thats my favourite Big Hero 6. 

At that Lenny zooms out of the interview to go and find his Big Hero 6 toys – I guess thats the interview terminated.


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