Review Micro Rocket Scooter

We purchased Lenny a Micro Rocket Scooter for being a brave boy when he had his tonsils out.

The scooter comes with a hefty price tag at £129.99 and is recommended on the website for older children. However, after some research this was one of the only scooters with fatties wheels. These are big fat wheels which, as well as making the scooter extra fast, also means that its more stable for first time riding on two wheels.

The set up is very easy. The Micro Rocket Scooter comes in one piece. You simply press a button at the side to fold it up or down and the handle bars easily become big enough for adult riding (more on that later) by simply unclipping a catch and sliding the bars up.

The scooter itself looks amazing. One day out at the skate park proved to be rife with comments such as “amazing wheels” and “nice scooter”. The scooter was being admired by adults and children alike.

It took Lenny a couple of tries but within ten minutes he was riding the scooter with ease and was tucking one leg up for extended scooting. The fat wheels make it brilliant and easy to balance on and although the scooter is slightly heavy for a child, Lenny was whacking it around all over the place before long.

It has a lovely little stand on the side which is easy for Lenny to put on to stand the scooter up and to kick off when he wants to get going in a hurry.

It gets an absolutely massive thumbs up from Lenny who thinks it is super cool.

From a parent perspective, it is fantastic. The feature of pulling the handlebar up, coupled with the fat wheels which make it easy for balance, means that when Lenny gets tired legs he can just put both feet up on the board and I can easily push him along on the scooter without him getting knocked off or falling off.

From a parent who is a big kid at heart perspective the scooter is amazing. It is super fast and both me and Scott want matching ones so we can scoot as a family.

Yes it was a lot of money but its worth the price tag in our opinion and I think (and hope) it will last for many many years to come. Thanks Micro Scooter.


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