Suzanne the caravan 

So those who know me personally know how anti-camping I am! Scott has been putting pressure on for some time about taking Lenny camping and all the rich experiences and memories camping holidays gave him as a child.

I decided to do the only thing I could think of and we compromised and brought a caravan!

Our beautiful Suzanne is a lunar 5 berth and was a little bargain off eBay for £700. With the help of some great friends (foxes) we set off after the auction to pick her up.

She was up a mountain -quite literally the people we brought her from had the steepest drive I have ever seen – but the ever fearless Foxy pulled it out the bag and sure enough she creeped down the drive and out to freedom.

She fits beautiful on the drive bless her and she was is good condition and very clean considering her age- but I had a plan!

I had an idea that I wanted her to have a beach hut theme – I wanted to strip her and paint her and freshen her all up! So we are part way through renovations – I won’t show you how we are getting on but I will show you before pictures as a little teaser. 


Needless to say Lenny absolutely loves the new addition to our family and she even has a theme tune – Suzanne the caravan, she’s Suzanne the caravan, there’s a whole in the middle where Lenny has a tiddle – she’s Suzanne the caravan – you just sang along didn’t you 

To be continued…….


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