Trouble with a Little L Part 2

Today was the day, it was here at last
His suitcase was packed and his flag down the mast
Suzanne the Caravan was ready to go
Daddy was getting her hitched up all ready to tow

Suzanne was a beach hut on wheels, blue and white
Fred the car was going to pull her, Lennon hoped she was light

Into Fred they all climbed, the house was locked up
Suzanne was off, squeezing through cars without a nip or a tuck
They were on the open road, a final wave to Brodie dog
Lets hope the weather stayed nice they could do without the fog

Lennon was watching the trees flying by
“We’re here” Daddy said , waking Mummy with his cry

It takes a while to get Suzanne all settled on her pitch
Lennon waits patiently whilst Daddy takes her off the hitch
The door comes open and off Lennon flys
He finally has his freedom, no time for goodbyes

He picks up Coley Moley, his caravan partner in crime
They find the biggest hill they can and up they start to climb

The idea is a simple one, they will get right to the top
Then launch themselves with all their might with a skip and a hop
Rolling, rolling, rolling, they are in a downward race
Coley Moley gains some ground so Lennon has to chase


to the woods the party goes, the boys just love the sound
The grasshoppers whistling in the grass, banging sticks upon the ground

“We are looking for stone trolls and batman’s cave” they shout
Weaving through the long grass and wild flowers, in and out
They see a train, the driver waves , they giggle all excited
And though its time to go back to site they are still delighted

Its time for food now and the BBQ is already lit
Burgers, Sausages and Nutella Bananas are sure to be a hit

When everyone has eaten and the boys are settling down
They see the lights on in the tents, everyone is turning down the sound
The site is getting ready for the night that looms ahead
Lennon and Cole are sleepy now and ready for their bed

They love their weekends of freedom and no matter where they are
Nowhere is too far now that they can bring Suzanne by car


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