My boy is 4

I can’t believe the day is nearly here

It keeps swinging around so fast

Our last year at home together now

We had better make it last
It’s been four years, an amazing time

Mostly lots of laughter and fun

Winters spent sledging in the snow

Summers spent idling in the sun

September brings the start of school

God knows what I will do

Without my wingman by my side

It won’t be the same without you 

To say me and daddy are proud of you

Is the understatement of the year 

You are clever and insightful

Funny and often without fear

You still love all things super hero

Your imagination is second to none 

The way you play takes my breath away

Even when you attempt to con 

Everyone compliments your manners

And loves your superman curl

Your strong minded, strong willed a social butterfly

Sending your friends into a whirl

I can’t believe you are four little man

The time has just flown by

I will make sure to cuddle lots more times

And I promise to try not to cry

As you go off to school I know

I gave you a good start

Can’t wait to see you be a big brother 

And show that love from your massive heart

For now I say happy birthday Bob

We love you to the moon and back

Love mummy, daddy, bump and Brodie 

And your leopard gheko mack!


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