A poem for a big brother to be 

It’s coming close to the birth of your new little sis

And time alone with mummy I am sure you will miss

But guess what mummy can do she is a magician you see

She will steal away time just for you and for me 

At first your new sister will seem rather fun

But please be aware she can’t play yet or run

Quicker than you think she will be up on her feet

Taking turns in races to see who she can beat

Until that time she will need her big brother

It’s very important you look after one another 

She will need lots of cuddles, so much you can do

Help with nappies, soothing and bath time too

I know it’s seems a long time since mummy said she was due

I know the excitement and anticipation is wearing thin for you

But hang on in there sweetheart the end is in sight 

Soon the sounds of baby sisters cries will break through the night 

But please don’t worry you will always be mummy’s little man

And regardless of what you do mummy will always be your biggest fan

But you will have a new fan, a new little girl to love

I am sure the four of us, Team Caress, will fit like a glove

I can’t wait to see you with her I know you will be brill

Mummy’s wingman you will always be and my heart you’ll always fill

I know baby sister will enhance your life and be a whole new chapter

I know the journey along the way will be full of love and laughter 

Enjoy the journey mummy’s little man – love always mummy 


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