Welcome to the World *Little Toot*

And so its time, its here at last, its finally come around

You are here snuggled in Mummy’s arms, sleeping safe and sound

Although you kept me waiting two days past when you were due

You took us all quite by surprise arriving in the doctor’s loo


Luckily we had a fantastic team, an amazing team of two

Emma delivered you safely and daddy coached me through

Just 37 minutes from when we got into the waiting room

You came in to the world at 2.37pm arriving with a zoom


What a story, a tale to tell, you will never live it down

A legend at the doctor’s surgery and the talk of the whole town

But wow what a beauty you really are with features like a doll

Clearly your crazy entry didn’t take its toll


Your big brother couldn’t wait to meet you, he held you straight away

His first words were “she’s beautiful” and he stared at you all day

We spent a precious hour, Team Caress, as just us four

Fully assembled, now complete, and with you at our core


Your first week was just crazy, with a queue so very long

Of people eager to meet you with lots of love to make you strong

You have presents coming out your ears,  you are a lucky girl

Can’t wait to see you in your dresses giving us a twirl


You already know just how to get around your silly daddy

Chief picker-upper mummy calls him, Lennon calls him baddy

You really have completed us, our beautiful little baby

You get excited by Mr Light and kick your legs like crazy



Now we are the lucky ones, we get to see you grow

And we all love you so much more than you could ever know


** Little Toot is the nickname Lenny thought up for his little sister all by himself and its so cute its stuck!



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