2016 A Fantastic Year

I sit here typing with Thea lying on the floor kicking around and Lenny busy playing on his Ipad. I make this somewhat pointless statement because it leads directly to one of my New Years Resolutions – I will feel less guilty. I have realised that I spend far too much time feeling guilty for spending too much/too little time with certain people (mostly the kids), and that I am always worrying that they are not happy. This year I am going to give myself a break and live in the moment more.

On reflection 2016 has been a stunner of a year. The year kicked off with us finding out that we were expecting a baby girl. Whilst it took Lenny almost an entire day to get over it, he wanted a brother, we were all (eventually) ecstatic. We spent the next four months agonising over names and buying stunning outfits – too many for her ever to wear.

This news was followed swiftly in February by my sisters announcement that she was also pregnant. My sister has a little boy already and there is 7 months separate Lenny and my nephew, there would now be 4 months separating our second born. This made pregnancy all the more exciting being able to share it with my sister and knowing that my little girl would have a little cousin to grow up with just like her brother before her.

I had the most beautiful baby shower/30th birthday bash with my wonderful lady friends. (Thank you to those friends who have remained close in 2016 you know who you are and you know how much I love you). It was the most uncivilised afternoon tea I have ever attended and it was just perfect. My mum and Auntie reformed their childhood Abba tribute and sang my guests a few songs. My 30th birthday was amazing and I was spoilt to death, albeit I was very heavily pregnant and, it being the summer, had the most disgusting elephant feet you have ever seen.

The summer holidays saw me become closer with a bunch of school mums (East 17). I don’t honestly know how I made it all this way in my life without them. They keep me sane and I am hoping our nights out together long continue along with our coffee mornings.

June was just perfect with my little girl arriving to complete my family. Her arrival was much anticipated and was absolutely mental, after she arrived in the GP’s toilets rather unexpectedly. Out of that arose a friendship with the midwife who delivered her that I hope continues into 2017 and beyond.

September saw Lenny start Reception. He has done absolutely amazing. It was such a crazy time for him with a new sister having just arrived and starting full time school. I spent the whole night before crying and concerned thinking he just wanted ready but I had completely underestimated him. He took it all in his stride bless him and hasn’t once refused to go – in fact he loves it – and he is coming along very nicely.

In October my nephew arrived and he is stunning. He is such a beautiful little addition to the family. The aftermath of the birth was traumatic and made me look on my sister with completely different eyes – she is so much braver than I ever gave her credit for and I am so so proud of her.

Lenny is an amazing big brother to his Little Toot and a fantastic cousin. I have really seen him grow this year and become more independent and so very caring towards his little sister. He has never once wished she wasn’t here and absolutely adores her. Thank you for being you – mummy’s little wingman forever.

Thea completes us even though we didn’t realise a piece was missing. She is incredible. She is funny and happy and so content. Thank you for sleeping through for mummy and daddy baby you have been marvellous.

As for me and Scott well, as I said last year, we are too solid for simple things to shake us. Scott has been amazing – supportive throughout my crazy birth and an amazing daddy. The bond that he has already formed with his little girl is beautiful to watch. Together we have become stronger and, despite having fell out of favour with a few people this year, we are better than ever and long may it continue. I love you Mr C and I always will.

2017 we are coming for you.




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