5 already!!!

So here it is – in advance of tomorrow. Lenny isn’t well so I knew I wouldn’t get any time to write anything tomorrow and didn’t want to miss what has become a tradition. x


So Mummy writes this little poem just like she does for you every year

There is no pressure then on me and no reason to feel fear

But as I start to write this year I feel a sense of dread

The years are flying past you see too fast for my head


I can’t believe five years have gone its been a whirlwind time

This is the fifth time I have blown up balloons and my fifth one of these rhymes

You have changed so much this year and it gives mummy happy tears

You have settled in at school so well despite all mummy’s fears


You have made a lovely bunch of friends and you are coming on so well

Your reading and writing are getting fantastic as your teachers tell

You are now a fantastic big brother to your sister little toot

You get on like a house on fire and you always make her hoot


You hold her really gently just as mummy’s tells you to

The only person who can make her belly laugh is you

I really don’t know how I would have managed with you, my helpful little man

Mummy’s wingman, but much more grown up, and I am your biggest fan


You never fail to amuse me, you really have a sense of humour

And apparently you have yourself a girlfriend and I know its not a rumour

You have picked a lovely girl that you are all set to make your wife

Lets hope that beautiful little Maisy doesn’t cause you strife


I love your little ways and the crazy way you play so well

Your imagination blows me away, much too complex to tell

I am so very very proud of you, every single day

Happy Birthday my little 5 year old is all that remains to say


Happy Birthday beautiful. Love you to the moon and back always. Sorry you are poorly on your birthday and I hope you feel much better soon x x








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