Thea is 1 

It’s the eve of your birthday and one thing is clear

Team Caress have had an incredible year

Your arrival was shocking, the talk of the town

A story I am sure you will never live down

It’s been a year of many firsts, laughter, fun and smiles

The housewives of Heanor have talked and walked for miles and miles

There’s been many grow days, swimming and playgroup hooray

Then there’s brew at 2 nearly every single day

You have been so lucky all the friends that you have made

All those lovely babies with which you have played

Karson, Lyle, Charlie, Matthew, Sophie and Mila too

Not forgetting the big children who have enjoyed looking after you

This year has passed in such a blur it really is untrue
I have never met a baby with a personality like you

Your faces are legendary, ooohhh I couldn’t be so rude

And the way you give your dirty looks when you are in a mood

Your dancing is the best young lady, how you drop it low

We love your singing “la, la, la” when you put on a show

We call you the carb queen, little toot or baby tink 

You are a massive climber, so much braver than we think

You remind us of Doc Brown with your crazy crazy hair

Your beautiful blue eyes always cause a stir 

We love you baby princess, can’t believe a year has passed 

Our fourth team member, team caress are complete at last 

We love you Tinks to the moon and back – love Mummy, Daddy, Lennon and Brodie Dog 


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