New job for Lenny 

Job: Big Brother

Start date: 27 June 2016



My little pre-schooler

The last time I looked Lenny was a baby – now he is nearly four and starting his school journey tomorrow by attending pre-school.

I know this doesn’t seem a bit deal to some – he will only go in the mornings after all – but still……

Its been a wild ride these last four years – we have had simply the best time! There have been tears and tantrums but these have been dotted between the smiles and laughter. We have had so much fun together me and my wing man! Lenny has been the Goose to my Maverick, the Jay Z to my Beyoncé and he has been the best most reliable best friend a girl could ask for.

I am so so proud of how he has grown. He is clever, has a brilliant sense of humour and am almost unlimited store of energy!

Pre-school are in for a real treat! I am so jealous they get to spend 15 hours a week with him !  


Trouble with a Little L Part 2

Today was the day, it was here at last
His suitcase was packed and his flag down the mast
Suzanne the Caravan was ready to go
Daddy was getting her hitched up all ready to tow

Suzanne was a beach hut on wheels, blue and white
Fred the car was going to pull her, Lennon hoped she was light

Into Fred they all climbed, the house was locked up
Suzanne was off, squeezing through cars without a nip or a tuck
They were on the open road, a final wave to Brodie dog
Lets hope the weather stayed nice they could do without the fog

Lennon was watching the trees flying by
“We’re here” Daddy said , waking Mummy with his cry

It takes a while to get Suzanne all settled on her pitch
Lennon waits patiently whilst Daddy takes her off the hitch
The door comes open and off Lennon flys
He finally has his freedom, no time for goodbyes

He picks up Coley Moley, his caravan partner in crime
They find the biggest hill they can and up they start to climb

The idea is a simple one, they will get right to the top
Then launch themselves with all their might with a skip and a hop
Rolling, rolling, rolling, they are in a downward race
Coley Moley gains some ground so Lennon has to chase


to the woods the party goes, the boys just love the sound
The grasshoppers whistling in the grass, banging sticks upon the ground

“We are looking for stone trolls and batman’s cave” they shout
Weaving through the long grass and wild flowers, in and out
They see a train, the driver waves , they giggle all excited
And though its time to go back to site they are still delighted

Its time for food now and the BBQ is already lit
Burgers, Sausages and Nutella Bananas are sure to be a hit

When everyone has eaten and the boys are settling down
They see the lights on in the tents, everyone is turning down the sound
The site is getting ready for the night that looms ahead
Lennon and Cole are sleepy now and ready for their bed

They love their weekends of freedom and no matter where they are
Nowhere is too far now that they can bring Suzanne by car

Suzanne the caravan 

So those who know me personally know how anti-camping I am! Scott has been putting pressure on for some time about taking Lenny camping and all the rich experiences and memories camping holidays gave him as a child.

I decided to do the only thing I could think of and we compromised and brought a caravan!

Our beautiful Suzanne is a lunar 5 berth and was a little bargain off eBay for £700. With the help of some great friends (foxes) we set off after the auction to pick her up.

She was up a mountain -quite literally the people we brought her from had the steepest drive I have ever seen – but the ever fearless Foxy pulled it out the bag and sure enough she creeped down the drive and out to freedom.

She fits beautiful on the drive bless her and she was is good condition and very clean considering her age- but I had a plan!

I had an idea that I wanted her to have a beach hut theme – I wanted to strip her and paint her and freshen her all up! So we are part way through renovations – I won’t show you how we are getting on but I will show you before pictures as a little teaser. 


Needless to say Lenny absolutely loves the new addition to our family and she even has a theme tune – Suzanne the caravan, she’s Suzanne the caravan, there’s a whole in the middle where Lenny has a tiddle – she’s Suzanne the caravan – you just sang along didn’t you 

To be continued…….

Who replaced my picky eater with a pig!!

Well we are now two months post tonsillectomy and the surgery has changed all our lives.

Lenny is no longer a picky eater who takes hours to finish a meal. We no longer have to bribe him to eat his dinner. Nowadays Lenny actually says the words “I am hungry” quite a lot actually! Lenny will finish a meal and ask for seconds, he is trying new things he wouldn’t even entertain before and he is asking for supper!!!!

Lenny has put on 5 pounds in two months in weight which is extrordinary considering last year he only put a pound on all year.

I am truly amazed! I will never look back and know 100 percent I made the right decision having them out -goodbye and good riddance tonsils 

Review Micro Rocket Scooter

We purchased Lenny a Micro Rocket Scooter for being a brave boy when he had his tonsils out.

The scooter comes with a hefty price tag at £129.99 and is recommended on the website for older children. However, after some research this was one of the only scooters with fatties wheels. These are big fat wheels which, as well as making the scooter extra fast, also means that its more stable for first time riding on two wheels.

The set up is very easy. The Micro Rocket Scooter comes in one piece. You simply press a button at the side to fold it up or down and the handle bars easily become big enough for adult riding (more on that later) by simply unclipping a catch and sliding the bars up.

The scooter itself looks amazing. One day out at the skate park proved to be rife with comments such as “amazing wheels” and “nice scooter”. The scooter was being admired by adults and children alike.

It took Lenny a couple of tries but within ten minutes he was riding the scooter with ease and was tucking one leg up for extended scooting. The fat wheels make it brilliant and easy to balance on and although the scooter is slightly heavy for a child, Lenny was whacking it around all over the place before long.

It has a lovely little stand on the side which is easy for Lenny to put on to stand the scooter up and to kick off when he wants to get going in a hurry.

It gets an absolutely massive thumbs up from Lenny who thinks it is super cool.

From a parent perspective, it is fantastic. The feature of pulling the handlebar up, coupled with the fat wheels which make it easy for balance, means that when Lenny gets tired legs he can just put both feet up on the board and I can easily push him along on the scooter without him getting knocked off or falling off.

From a parent who is a big kid at heart perspective the scooter is amazing. It is super fast and both me and Scott want matching ones so we can scoot as a family.

Yes it was a lot of money but its worth the price tag in our opinion and I think (and hope) it will last for many many years to come. Thanks Micro Scooter.

An interview with Lenny – aged 3 years and 3 months

Attendees: Mummy and Lenny

Place: Conservatory at Home

Date: Wednesday 22nd April 2015

1) What is something mummy always says to you? I love you (no overbearing mother jokes please!)

2) What makes you happy? Brodie dog (our 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is present at the interview for parts) and chocolate 

3) What makes you sad? The big coin jar in the corner. Why does that make you sad? Because its in the way 

4) What makes you laugh? Mummy and daddy and me 

5) How old are you? I am 3 mummy, you already know that 

6) How old is mummy? 4 and daddy is 11

7) What is your favourite thing to do? I like to read books. I love the one with Aliens and Underpants 

8) Who is your best friend? Brodie dog (Brodie is back in the room and this may be the reason he was chosen). 

9) What do you want to be when you are bigger? Strong with big muscles and a fireman. I definitely want to drive the fire engine. I will need to go to college and university 

10) What are you good at? Somersaults, jumping in the air and stroking Brodie Dog’s hand (Brodie is again in the room which may have influenced this answer)

11) What are you not very good at? Doing jigsaws 

12) What did you do today? I did somersaults and Brodie Dog watched me. I planted a tree for mummy and it will grow bigger and bigger to the clouds. 

13) What are your favourite foods? Crumpets and burgers (this is a lie as he has never eaten burgers!)

14) Who is your favourite superhero and why? Superman because he sits on a ladybird and then he sits on a ballon and he falls off but he flys. 

15) What is your favourite animal? Giraffe – big necks they have got. 

16) What does Daddy do for work? He gets his helmet on and he builds a tower. He works for pennies for toys. 

17) What is your favourite place to go? Mamas 

18) What is mummy’s favourite thing to do? Sort your crazy hair out. Daddy likes to walk brodie dog. 

19) What is your favourite film? Spiderman because I like him and Big Hero 6 – yes thats my favourite Big Hero 6. 

At that Lenny zooms out of the interview to go and find his Big Hero 6 toys – I guess thats the interview terminated.

Goodbye Tonsils – Surgery to 7 days post op

So after numerous occasions of tonsillitis within a year (12 apparently!!!) the ENT Specialist finally decided that it would be the best thing, from a quality of life point of view, for Lenny to have his tonsils removed.

When I received my letter to telephone to make him an appointment and the Secretary confirmed that the surgery had been scheduled in three weeks time my heart was in my mouth. I knew that the surgery was necessary (they don’t operate on three year olds without cause), but nevertheless I was aware that this meant a lot of pain post surgery for Lenny, various risks associated with the surgery and of course him being put to sleep.

We had prepared Lenny well – I had purchased a book called “Goodbye Tonsils”which was brilliant and helped explain to Lenny what would happen to him on the day and afterwards, he had been for his pre-operation check up which we made fun and he was really excited about the whole “adventure”.

The night before the operation I brought him a cake with Goodbye Tonsils iced on it (courtesy of a very talented work friend) and had wrapped him numerous presents to open when he came home the following day. They had confirmed that it would require an overnight stay as there is a great risk of bleeding in a child after the tonsils are removed. If a bleed did occur in a child of Lenny’s age then it would be straight back down to surgery for a blood transfusion. This did nothing to settle my nerves.

The day of the surgery 


The morning of the surgery crept around. Lenny was up early and I forced as much food as I could possible get down him as he was nil by mouth from 8am onwards. I went for a walk and broke down into tears every time I thought of Lenny’s innocent little face.

Lenny was excited when we arrived on the ward. I had to hang back whilst Daddy and Mama took him on to the ward – it had become real for me as I looked at the ward doors and I couldnt swallow the urge to have a last little cry before it was all about excitement for Lenny’s benefit.

The first child on the list had a drink of water after cut off time which pushed Lenny up to first (Scott claims this was an evil ploy on his behalf – this has not been confirmed!). The surgeon came out to meet us and explained what would happen, magic cream was applied to Lenny’s hands and then we did our best to distract him for two hours whilst we waited. He loved it though – we was on Sunflower Ward at Derby Royal and they were absolutely brilliant. The nurses were amazing and there was plenty to do to keep the kiddies entertained.

Lenny got his gown on and hippo had a little gown too and then it was time. I carried him down through the doors marked “Theatre” and I was chatting nervously to him all the way telling him how he was going to have his tonsils out and there would be no more tonsillitis. We sat down together and they put in his canister in his hand – he didn’t make a murmur and within seconds was fast asleep after saying “its cold!”


I had to be forcibly removed from the room by an amazingly patient nurse – it goes against everything ingrained in you as a mother to walk away from your child at their most vulnerable.

It was then an hour and a half waiting for him but it felt like days. I heard the doors go and rushed out to see and there he was awake and crying and asking for mummy. I help him for a long time whilst he cried and dropped off. After an hour he woke up groggy but hungry and ate a bag of beefy crisps, magic stars and a slice of hospital toast.

He slept on and off all day and cried on and off when he woke up. But because he had done so brilliant he was allowed home late Thursday night. I was so pleased to get him home. He was obviously in a lot of pain and we were given morphine, calpol and ibuprofen for him to use at home.

It was a pretty appalling night with a lot of tears. I held him for most of the night and he was sick at one point in the early hours which worried me but I was assured on a telephone call to the ward that this was normal in the circumstances.

Post op day one 

Lenny’s extremely expensive, but totally worth it for being such a brave boy, micro rocket scooter arrived this morning. He was super excited and went off out round the street on it. He begged to go out on the trampoline and made it clear that he was not resting under any circumstances. You would never guess he had had surgery yesterday he was flying high bless him. He was in pain and close to medication time we had a few tears but he was doing brilliant and even eating really well as well as drinking.


Post op day two 

We seem to have the worse time at night. I am waking him up through the night for medication as the doctors suggested but it seems so much worse at night. Maybe his throat is dry etc and thats what has the bad effect. Anyway after another bad night we had another good day. Lenny was out in the garden all day helping Daddy and generally doing really well.

Post op days three and four

Everything has changed. Lenny is screaming in agony and not even regular doses of morphine is easing it for him. It is horrible and I would do anything to take away his pain. He is complaining of ear pain and on checking online and with the ward I am assured this is normal as the ears are connected so closely to the throat. Lenny has literally cried the whole day away and I am starting to worry that I have made a horribly wrong decision.

Day four and things are no better with yet again a terrible night with no sleep for any of us. I cannot stand seeing him in this pain again all day so I get a doctor out. It turns out that Lenny has an infection in both ears so there is no wonder he has gone downhill. More morphine is prescribed along with antibiotics. I am told to make him rest – they have clearly never met this kid. The doctor does confirm that his throat is healing really well. My friend happens to be here and suggests a hot water bottle for his ears. This works a treat and seems to ease to enough for him to be able to nod on and off for a couple of hours.

Lenny has barely eaten or drunk for two days – he is in so much pain that I can’t bring myself to force him.

Post op days five and six

Lenny has some wonderful visitors who bring with them gorgeous gifts to cheer his spirits. He is very lucky to have such a lot of people who care about him and we are lucky to have such supportive family and friends. Its the first time alot of people in Lenny’s life have seen him voluntarily take himself off to lie on the settee for a rest but these ear infections mixed with the sore throats seem to have knocked him off his feet. I do notice his throat looks fantastic – compared to what I was expecting a lot of the scabs have gone.

Post op day seven and eight

And finally we have rounded the corner. He is smiling, laughing and chatting. The strangest thing about this whole time has been that Lenny has been almost silent. The house is always filled with the noise of Lenny’s conversation and to have this taken away has made the house take on a ghostly feel. It feels so must better to have his chatter, his laughter, him not permanently attached to me with his face tucked under my chin (his special poorly place).

He has asked for pasta bolognese for breakfast today which I have cheerfully given him. He isn’t 100 percent – he is still crying on and off with pain and he isn’t eating completely normally – but we have turned such a corner and its such a vast improvement.

I have to say I am so proud – he has been a right little warrior and such a brave brave boy. 8 days post op and he has fended off two ear infections and a tonsillectomy. He is going to do great things this boy you mark my words!


First “when I grow up” moment

Thought it was important, for nostalgia reasons, to report that Lenny had his first “when I grow up I want to be a….” moment this week.

He wants to be a Fireman and he wants to drive a fire engine. He thinks to do this he will have to go to college and university and that he must be very brave.

What do your children want to be when they grow up?